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By pre-booking one of our free courtesy cars you don't lose the convenience of having a car while we're attending to yours.

Services We Offer

MECA Car Services offer the solution to all your mechanical problems from MOTs, servicing, brake repairs and air conditioning, to more complex problems, on all make of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Due to our price competitiveness and experienced mechanics, we are often called upon by customers to fit new or reconditioned gearboxes, cylinder heads and complete engines and we love a challenge!

For peace of mind, we guarantee all work carried out by our team, covered under Jennifer's no quibble Parts Warranty for either 12,000 miles or 12 months (whichever is the earlier). Jennifer is also confident her prices will be cheaper than most main dealerships’ standard costs and extremely competitive to other similar local garage businesses. Customers are therefore encouraged to call MECA Car Services and ask for a quote.

We offer a full range of mechanical and technical services and repairs including:

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Services and MOTs

We offer small (1 1/2 hrs) and full (2 1/2 hrs) vehicle services, vehicle health checks, MOT pre-checks and MOTs. Due to the size of our garage and different types of vehicle ramps we can cater of most sizes of light commercial vehicles, motorhomes and 4x4s too. Most new car buyers are unaware that they are no longer required to get their servicing and repairs carried out at the main dealership to keep the warranty up-to-date, so our customers are always pleasantly surprised to discover that they can bring their new car to us instead, without invalidating the manufacturer's warranty.

Air conditioning

Our mechanics are fully trained and experienced in servicing, repairing and re-gassing air conditioning systems, thus removing harmful bacteria and unpleasant smells and also improving efficiency, which could save fuel! Like any other part of your car, in order to run efficiently the air conditioning system needs regular attention and recharging with gas and lubricant every two years in order to avoid nasty smells and bacteria forming. What’s more, an air conditioning system that does not have the correct level of gas has to work harder, in turn putting strain on the engine and subsequently using more fuel.

Engine & ECU Diagnostics

Modern vehicles operate a fuel injection system that is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls many sensors throughout your vehicle, including safety features like ABS braking systems, air bag and seatbelt restraints and, in later vehicles, even the electric windows and stereo systems. The MECA Car Services team have the knowledge, experience and technological support to quickly diagnose problems on your vehicle and repair the problem, where this is possible.

Timing belts

We expect you’ve heard the horror stories. It’s true, a broken timing belt (or cam belt as it is often referred) could cost you a recovery bill, a good walk to a pay phone for help, and possible internal engine damage that can cost you big time and take days to repair. Despite what people think, the timing belt is not always visible and should be replaced as a minimum by the mileage of or age of the car, whichever comes sooner, as per your manufacturer’s handbook. Access to the timing belt is different from vehicle to vehicle, but as guide many timing belt changes cost around the price of a full service and MOT, so not as bad as you might think - and definitely cheaper than the potential +£1k engine damage caused by not changing it!

Exhausts & emissions

We supply and fit top brands of exhausts for all makes and models of vehicle. We can also supply and fit a comprehensive range of Catalytic Converters which are fitted to all newer cars by law. Their purpose is to clean the emissions from the car engine and to remove harmful particles and carbon monoxide gas, so that the final gas from the exhaust pipe is predominantly carbon dioxide and water vapour. We also use a range of Forte fuel and injection treatments which help to clean the emissions where systems are getting old and dirty.

Brakes and suspension systems

There are a multitude of braking components which make up a vehicle’s braking system, from brake discs and pads to brake hoses, handbrake cables, and metal brake pipes. Often, a simple brake service to clean off any corrosion and lubricate the moving parts will give you many more months of effective braking before parts need replacing. Alas, broken road springs and suspension arms have become more common an occurrence with our harsher winters and the associated deterioration in road conditions. When it comes to braking and suspension systems, we offer the full works at extremely competitive prices: from inspection, diagnosis and reporting, to servicing and replacement.

Gearboxes and clutches

Your clutch enables you to connect and control the power of the engine to your gearbox - and then to create motion. We regularly get customers booking in gearbox faults which turn out to be clutch related, and vice versa - often just down to something not so drastic like a leaking gearbox seal. And unlike many garages, we don’t just replace gearboxes when they go wrong, we can often fix them too. But if we do need to replace the gearbox we can fit either new or fully reconditioned ones.

Engine & Cylinder head repairs/rebuilds

As well as cylinder head repairs, often caused from head gasket or timing belt failure, where more serious damage has occurred we can fit new, reconditioned, and used engines, offering the most cost effective solution for you, the customer.


Whether you’re worried about a leaking radiator or overheating engine we can pressure test your cooling system and inspect your radiator to diagnose the exact fault. Apart from a badly corroded radiator other common problems include a faulty thermostat or just simply a perished or loose hose.

Tyres & tracking

We supply budget, mid-range and top-range tyres and most tyre sizes can be supplied and fitted same day. We also provide wheel balancing, wheel alignment, and puncture repair services.

Hydrolastic/Hydragas suspensions

We are one of very few garages in the South West who offer a specialist Hydrolastic and Hydragas pump-up service for those vehicles with that type of suspension, which we are happy to do by arrangement while you wait.


A full range of welding repairs are available, usually resulting from MOT failures, including on floors, sills, seatbelt anchorages, and the vehicle chassis.

Auto-electrical repairs

We offer a full comprehensive auto-electrical fault finding service in order to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently. We can also supply and install lights, parking sensors, towbars, and other electrical components to all types of vehicles.


We offer a complete service and health inspection for your car trailer, including brakes service, wheel bearing adjustment (where possible) and replacement, as well as fitting new tyres and number plates, as required.

Bodywork repairs

We are often called upon to supply and fit replacement external accessories, such as wing mirrors, bumpers, door locks, etc. We also repair some minor dents and scrapes on site. Alternatively, we can arrange for an inspection and very competitive quotation with our off-site bodyshop repairer (Keith) so that you are not inconvenienced.
Meca car Services Courtesy cars

Free courtesy cars and Lift/Collection service 

We offer a number of courtesy cars which can be pre-booked (subject to availability) so that you are not inconvenienced, or alternatively we provide a lift/collection service to/from work within the Sowton Industrial Estate and Exeter Business Park areas.

Breakdown recovery - Should you not have your own breakdown cover, we can arrange for our contract vehicle recovery service to collect your vehicle should you breakdown. Please give us a call and we can make the immediate necessary arrangements for you.